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Collection of many different kinds of Birds of Prey. Diurnal Raptors with hooked claws and hooked bills including Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Kites, Osprey, Harriers, Caracara, Kestral and Buteos.
Juvenile Bald Eagle taking off from dead treeJuvenile Bald Eagle perched on a branchFlying OspreyBald Eagle in flightBald Eagle in flight from nestFemale northern Harrier in flightNorthern Harrier in flightIn Flight Osprey with a fishLarge Osprey in flight with fishRed Shouldered Hawk in-flight landingRed Shouldered Hawk in flightRed Shouldered Hawk flyingFlorida Red-Shouldered Hawk launching self into flightOsprey in flight against a bright blue skyOsprey taking flight from nestCrested Caracara in flightSnail Kite in flightNorthern HarrierFemale Northern Harrier flying low in Green Cay WetlandsCrested Caracara rising vertically in flight