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Collection of Atlantic Puffins, in flight and perched on Machias Island
Puffin in ProfilePuffin with mouthful of fish and crustaceansAtlantic Puffin standing in green plantsPuffin perched on rockAtlantic Puffin and fishAtlantic Puffin coming in for a landingAtlantic Puffin standing on rock with wings spreadPuffin with beak tucked under wingPuffin with dirt from it's burrow on beakAtlantic Puffin with multiple fishAtlantic Puffin in flightAtlantic Puffin standing on rocksAtlantic Puffin with beak openAtlantic Puffin standing on a rock with fish in beakPuffin sitting on rockPuffin with a beak full of fishAtlantic Puffin flyingPuffin flying in fogAtlantic Puffin standing on a rock with multiple fish in beakPuffin landing with fish in beak