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Variety of birds including Bald Eagle, Kingfisher, Roseate Spoonbill, hummingbirds, night herons and hawks in flight
Female Purple Martin hovering in flightmale Purple Martin with DragonflyLeast Bittern taking off in flight in rainFemale Belted Kingfisher in flight over waterImmature Snow Goose in flightWhite Pelican landing on waterKingfisher landing on treeFemale Purple Martin in flight with bug in beakBarred Owl in flightJuvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron in flight with wings aloftJuvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron taking off in flightHarris's Hawk in flight with wings in upstrokeHarris's Hawk in flightAmerican Kestral in flightKingfisher catching fishFemale Bufflehead in flight with wings in downstrokeFemale Bufflehead taking off in flight from waterFemale Bufflehead in flight over water with wings in upstrokeSwallow-Tailed KiteMale Mallard in flight