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Collection of wildlife photographs including moose, bear, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, coyote, bison, marsh rabbit and grizzly bear.
Adult Bighorn RamBaby moose following MomBear cub in the flower gardenBear on the HillBigHorn SheepBlack bear gazing upwardBlack Bear in the woods with tongue outBlack Bear in woods in the NC mountainsBlack Bear in YellowstoneBlack bear searching for berriesBlack Ground HogBlack Ground Hog eating an appleBlue MorphusBrown BearBuffalo FaceBull Elk BuglingBull Elk in velvet. standing in fieldGray Wolf lying in the grass in Wyoming (C)CoyoteCoyote drinking in river

Guestbook for Wildlife
Ed Ellege(non-registered)
I love the pictures they are great I have done photography for 15 years and I think you are to matt them and sell them. But tell me where is Hank in these pictures.
Andrea Foster(non-registered)
I'm so proud to have one of the bear shots in my living room!!! great website!
Leslea Fargnoli(non-registered)
Sandy, these pictures are INCREDIBLE! You definitely need to frame them and display them at the cabin! Awesome!
WOW!!! These are wonderful. Great job my friend.
Doug Phillips(non-registered)
WOW!!! How long have you been doing this? You should make these available to magazines, etc. Some of these could be on the cover of some publications. I am beyond impressed!!
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