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Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, USA is on the Rio Grande RIver in the foothills of the Chupadera Mountains. This wilderness area is wintering home to huge flocks of migratory birds
Sandhill Crane coming in for a landingGreater Roadrunner perched in treeRoadrunner perched in a tree in Bosque del ApacheMale Pyrrhuloxia eating flower petalsMale Gambel's Quail in snowSandhill Crane flying low over water and grasses in evening lightNorthern Flicker, Red Shafted, in flightNorthern Flicker in flightRoadrunner in treeSandhill Crane landing at sunsetSand Hill Crane landing  at sunset with feet splashingGolden Eagle perched on a branchJuvenile Red-Tailed Hawk in flightMale Ring-Necked PheasantTwo Snow Geese in flightBlue-Goose landing facing cameraBlue Goose in flightBlue Goose coming in for a landingSnow Goose in flightJuvenile Northern Harrier in flight